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 All Fired Up and Ready to Go! A group of people with a passionate interest in Cooking, Heating and Manufacturing We Have Skills In: We Manufacture: In the last ten years there have been massive improvements in both stove design and manufacturing processes.
We are fully up to speed on how to utilize and make even more improvements to achieve our aims set out below. Simple Designs making for easy and safe to use appliances which are both reliable and long lasting.
Easy and minimal maintenance requirements backed up by good quality technical documentation supplied with each appliance.
Knowledgeable, well qualified staff capable of supporting the needs of our customers and distributors together with a well stocked on line technical and user resource.
  • Pressure Jet, Vaporising Pot and Vaporising Sleeve Burners.
  • Blown air and Atmospheric Gas Burners.
  • Wood, Solid Fuel and Dual Fuel appliances.
  • Wood Pellet Stoves (both manual and auto feed).
  • Plumbing circuitry for Conventional and Underfloor Heating Systems.
  • Oil Feed layouts for Vaporising and Pressure Jet Systems.
  • Chimney Systems for Oil and Solid Fuel appliances.




  • Oil fired Pressure Jet boilers.
  • Oil fired Pressure Jet Conversion Systems for Rayburn Solid Fuel Cookers.
  • Wood and solid fuel stoves, cookers and boiler stoves.
  • Chimney systems and rotating anti-downdraft terminals.

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