Welcome to the 4B, a rectangular version of Corner Stove incorporating all of the well proven features but having a larger Firebox and Ashpan, a Hot Plate and an optional Fiddle Rail.



• Super Combustion

New to the 4B is the high temperature firebox ling system designed to provide much better combustion and a longer burn time, the stove can squeeze the last drop of heat from whatever fuel you choose to burn and as an added bonus it has a lovely cook top and practical optional fiddle rail.

With three air inlet controls, stainless steel, grate and grate frame, baffle, front fret, fiddle rail and hinges this stove breaks new ground in form and function.


• Multi Fuel and Hot Water Heating

It can burn wood, peat or solid fuel and cook on the top plate.

You can heat your boat with a dry version or we can provide hot water from a small boiler and hot water and central heating from the larger boiler.


• Ash Cleanliness

The special internal design of the combustion chamber and front fret constrains ash where it should be, inside the stove and not on the hearth in front of it. In addition the stove has a deep ashpan capable of holding 24 hrs continuous burning.



• All Night Burning

The large capacity firebox and high temperature firebox ling system is designed to provide much better combustion and a longer burn time.

The stove can squeeze the last drop of heat from whatever fuel you choose to burn and when used correctly with good quality fuel the stove can easily run all night and be recoverable in the morning.


• Clean Burning

Three controlled air routes into the stove.

Air wash air to help keep the door glass clean.

Over fire air for wood burning.

Under fire air for solid fuel.


• Additional Features

Fully adjustable door hinges.

Fully adjustable door lock.

Stay cool easy to use door handle.

Stainless steel grate.

Stainless steel grate carrier.

Stainless steel front fret.

Stainless steel baffle plate



• About the Stove

For fellow enthusiasts of Sustainable Living, the 4B Solid Fuel Stove is designed to generate and maintain high combustion chamber temperatures and is both clean and easy to use.

High temperature combustion ensures that most of the fuel is burnt so reducing smoke, tar and particulate emissions which are currently causing concern with air pollution.

High temperature combustion is achieved by the careful use of high performance firebrick linings which fit on the inside of the firebox and front fret designed to allow the combustion chamber to achieve and maintain a high operating temperature as quickly as possible.

The 4B Solid Fuel Stove incorporates three separate air inlet controls:-

Air Wash System operated by a simple lever control.

Secondary Overfire Air System for wood burning.

Primary Underfire Air Control System for burning smokeless fuel; both of which are operated by a simple rotary valve.

All of these controls provide the user with the necessary tools to achieve a steady, high degree of temperature control and these controls are commonly used across the entire range of Bubble Solid Fuel Stoves and Cookers.

Ash spillage, leakage and resultant mess is a major problem on boats and in small spaces; as a consequence we have designed features into the stove to mitigate this problem.

Bubble Stoves can significantly reduce your running costs and produce the most amazing pyrotechnics which demonstrate our technology at work.

Our stoves will keep you warm and give you many hours of fun and pleasure.

GREEN ENERGY when wood burning.

1 = Airwash control, 2 = Overfire air, 3 = Underfire air


Dry Stove  60kg

Wet Stove  70kg


The 4B Half Pod (Solid Fuel) by Bubble Products, Harworth, Doncaster.

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