7B WOOD BURNING PIE POD 05-05-15                                                   SILENT SIMPLICITY JUST FOR YOU



The 7B pie pod is a larger version of the 3B Pie Pod, it has a 7 kW output and a much bigger

oven, it is designed for wood burning only.

Just like all the other appliances in Pie Pod range the base of the oven gets hot enough to boil,

fry, toast and cook pizzas on, use the middle of the oven for roasts and bread baking and the

top of the oven for pastries.

Can easily provide a meal for 6 people; see the user info for HOW TO DO IT.

Simmering takes place on the stove top plate.



  • Superb Wood Burner

It’s a true wood burning stove with a large deep combustion chamber capable of holding

quite a large load of wood fuel.

Cook in the oven and simmer on the top plate, heat your boat with a dry version or

centrally heat and produce hot water with the boiler version.


  • Ash Cleanliness

The special internal design of the combustion chamber and front fret constrains ash

where it should be, inside the stove and not on the hearth in front of it.


  • All Night Burning

With a large capacity firebed there is no problem whatsoever with all night burning.

The fire bottom is set deep down below the solid front fret allowing for good quantities

of fuel to be loaded making all night burning a possibility. Good quality seasoned hardwood

is required.


  • Clean Combustion

Two controlled air routes into the stove.

Air wash air to help keep the door glass clean.

Over fire air for wood burning.


  • Additional Features

Fully adjustable door hinges.

Fully adjustable door lock.

Stay cool easy to use door handle.

Stainless steel front fret.

Stainless steel baffle plate



Designed and manufactured in the U.K. by Boaters for Boaters.






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